“Success means only doing what you do well, letting somebody else do the rest.” 

Goldstein S Truism.

This blog covers tips and tricks to freelancing, building a business, digital presence, writing, and being a good human.

5 Keys for Business Leaders to Understand What Makes Copy Good Copy

A few weeks ago, I read a compelling post on LinkedIn by marketing extraordinaire Liz Willits. She described her decision to pivot from simply submitting her copy for review to a somewhat lengthy meeting to pitch her copy.  The result? Far fewer edits and change requests from her clients and much better performing copy for…

Impostor Syndrome and Fear of Success: Feel Familiar?

In a viral, influencer-centric, digital world, everyone kind of loves and kind of hates the idea that anyone could become successful for anything. On the one hand, it’s inspiring to see regular people get recognized for good work, and you feel like maybe one day, that lottery will fall to you. But, on the other…

3 Things New Business Owners Need to Know about Digital Presence

The COVID pandemic has significantly altered our economy. In many ways, the change was devastating, with thousands of people suddenly out of work. However, the silver lining is that thousands have taken stock of their work lives and decided now is the time to pursue their own business. This is incredible!  Still, there are many…

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