About Me

Kelsie Hasleton

Hello! I am a freelance writer and solopreneur living in Saratoga Springs, Utah. As a student of meditation, kickboxing, and art, I’m always into something new.

Hi, I’m Kelsie. Nice to meet you!

I’m married and have two little girls. I was born and raised in the woods of Minnesota, where working hard and playing hard went hand in hand. After high school, I moved to Utah, where I attended Brigham Young University. Now, I’m a freelance writer and solopreneur (a word designed to be misspelled).

I’ve always loved to write. As a child, I wrote a poem for school that got published in a collection of young poets. While the book was massive– containing the work of hundreds of young poets– it was amazing to see my name and work in print. My high school teachers also liked what I wrote and encouraged me to pursue it professionally. But at that time, writing professionally was exclusively for heroines in my favorite rom-coms. I just couldn’t see it working out.

So instead, I went to college and got a BA in Spanish with a minor in Business Management. I worked in banking and then transitioned into a finance position for a non-profit. When that didn’t support my goals for my new little family, I quit– and spent an agonizing year wondering what I was going to do. Then I remembered my teachers’ encouragement and decided to try my hand at freelance writing.

I’ve been writing freelance since August of 2019. Launching a business months before a global pandemic and keeping it alive was challenging. But, it solidified my desire to work for myself, help others build freedom through freelance writing, and help as many businesses reach their goals as I can along the way!

As I’ve studied copywriting, content marketing, basic SEO, etc., I decided to create my blog to share what I’ve learned and help others skip a few of the struggles I went through.

In the past two years, I’ve worked with a broad scope of clients. I have written for tech, legal, home improvement, and real estate industries, to name a few. I loved the variety of my job! For a sampling of my work, check out the “Featured Content” page.

As for hobbies, I love to cook, read, meditate, and kickbox. I love being a mom and spend lots of time studying parenting as well.​

Now that you’ve gotten to know me, I want to get to know you and your business! So send me a note on the “Contact Me” page, and let’s build something together.