3 Things New Business Owners Need to Know about Digital Presence

The COVID pandemic has significantly altered our economy. In many ways, the change was devastating, with thousands of people suddenly out of work. However, the silver lining is that thousands have taken stock of their work lives and decided now is the time to pursue their own business. This is incredible! 

Still, there are many things that new businesses owners have to handle, especially when many companies start with just one employee. So here are the top 3 things all new business owners need to understand about their digital presence, specifically if they operate a physical storefront.

1. Reviews are King
The importance of reviews may seem like common sense, but every business must make the most of being “reviewable.” 90% of shoppers will check reviews before purchasing, according to Trustpilot.

This is true of both digital storefronts and physical locations. However, most digital storefronts have reviews built-in. For example, places like Etsy or Fiverr automatically allow customers to rate the service and quality of the products they bought. 

Physical storefronts have to create this space intentionally. Websites and blogs fill this need. There are many website/blog hosting options, ranging in price, skill level, and customizability. There are usually free options that require some advertising for the website. This site, for example, allows me a free space as long as I allow “Weebly” to be part of my domain name. 

2. You have to be “searchable” to be found

If people can’t Google your service or industry and find you, they won’t find you. Again, having a basic website and blog will make it possible for potential clients to find you. There is a basic strategy involved in this. It would be best if you did some research on how to write SEO-friendly material. I have another post with basics to review. There are two basic ideas you need to know. 

-SEO is a very complex topic that people can spend an entire career on understanding.
-You can do a good job using a few keyword basics.

For example, let’s say you own a music studio in Salt Lake City. You need a website with “music studio” and “Salt Lake City” written on the landing page and in the meta description. Then if someone Googles “local music studio,” your website can ping as an answer. This example is elementary, of course. I’ll post again soon with more examples of how to improve SEO. In the meantime, you can get more ideas on achieving basic SEO on a budget here.

3. Done is better than perfect

I am an entrepreneur and business owner myself. I spent a year doubting my ability to run a business. Then, once I registered my company and started working, I spent two years messing around and not committing to trying. I was too scared to look like a newbie to take the time to show my experience. Then one day, I got tired of my own drama and decided to expose myself, both what I was good at and what I was still learning. So I jumped into this blog, started designing Instagram posts through Canva and Procreate, and offered to do tons of things for free to practice. And I learned that nobody cared that I was new at some things and were excited that I had experience in others. I could have jumped in three years earlier if I had focused on getting things done rather than trying to look professional when I started. 

No one cares that your blog only has a few introductory posts. They don’t care that your website is barebones. They care that you provide value to them. If you can share information they care about and have an exciting product that they can find, you’ve met the minimum requirements to do business. 

If marketing isn’t enjoyable to you, set the goal to hire out your website, graphic design, or writing as soon as possible. But, for now, get it started.

Need help getting started?

I’ve been in your shoes. Let me help you skip a few years of struggle. I offer my first consultation for free. We can talk about your business, the brand you’re building, and a few of your business milestones. Then I’ll help you create a plan to get up a website, blog, and social media presence. From there, you can decide how much of my help you want in realizing that plan. 

 Your business and perspective are valuable! Let’s work together and get your business visible! Fill out your information under the “Contact” tab.

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