Free Pass

Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. Luke 12:32

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I’ll admit, sometimes I worry that it’s not His pleasure to give me the Kingdom. Sometimes I feel like He’s withholding Himself from me out of spite, because I haven’t been listening, haven’t been loving Him, haven’t been seeking Him, haven’t at all been what I’m supposed to be. He always upholds His end of the deal…. I never uphold mine.

But that’s the thing, isn’t it?

He always upholds His end. And because I never uphold my end and never have a hope to, He added to the deal.

Now he upholds His end and mine. I don’t have to be perfect to be with Him anymore. Not since He gave me a Pass through Jesus. Jesus’ death and resurrection was literally someone taking my own execution in my place, in a totally legal and binding way. Now I don’t have to strive and perform and climb my way to the top to spend time with the Father. I’m welcomed in. I have a free pass, and it never expires.

He lets me use that pass for more than just time with Him too. If I ask Him, He’ll give me treasures and riches. He’ll give me love. joy. peace. patience. kindness. goodness. faithfulness. gentleness. self-control.

Can you imagine? Sometimes this escapes my notice. What if your boss called you into her office one day to say that you’re going to get an end-of-year bonus, and that it’s going to be self-control. I’d have some major skepticism. But if that were actually possible, then I’d be pretty stoked. I could definitely use some self-control.

What blows my mind is that I already have access to it. The Pass allows me self-control and all the other fruits too. He wants to give me the Kingdom.

May 2016 be the year when we wholeheartedly seek His Kingdom, never quitting, never looking back, never doubting…. because we know He wants to give it to us.


Kelsey here! I love words, coffee, pretty things, Jesus, and reading. I'm a twenty-something Super Nanny-Aunt and full time student, just living the dream in Oklahoma.

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