Introducing Myself


Hello, friends. It’s me. Kelsey.

Don’t recognize me? Picture me with a different hair color. I probably changed it.

Still don’t recognize me?

Then you probably don’t know me. Yet. Don’t fear, you’re going to know me soon!

I’m a former professional Super Nanny-Aunt, a full-time student, totally preoccupied with Jesus, an aspiring creative, administrative assistant (which is the long way to say secretary), and an experienced Netflix-binger.

I love words, both small and grandiose. I love reading them and I love writing them. I don’t always love speaking them, but that’s another story.

I joke about being an old spinster and threaten to adopt lots and lots of cats. I would never actually do that though, mainly because I’m afraid they would eat me if I died.

I’m passionate about living life in pursuit of Christ because He makes all things better. He also made all the things, so there’s that too. I think He gives meaning to everything, even when you’re a 26-year-old cat lady. Not that I know any of those…

I hope for this to be a space where we can reflect about truth, hilarity, and lots of pretty things. Thanks for joining me!


earl gray, tea, blankets, cozy, reading, study, bible, jesus, cloudy day

Some of my favorite things: Earl Gray, cozy blankets, Bible study, quiet time.


Kelsey here! I love words, coffee, pretty things, Jesus, and reading. I'm a twenty-something Super Nanny-Aunt and full time student, just living the dream in Oklahoma.

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